This scholarship will help support eligible families within all of the Seacoast United Sports Club footprint with partial payment of their travel soccer club registration fees.

Families receiving these awards must remain up to date with their fees, must complete 10 hours of service with Seacoast United Sports Club at one or more of their events, or must complete 10 hours of volunteer service with the foundation throughout the 2021/22 Season. When all of those requirements are met, the scholarship will be applied to the athlete's account. You will not see this scholarship on your account until that time.  

Application submission deadline for the 2021/22 Financial Aid will be available soon!

Please be aware, decisions on awards will be made AFTER player registrations/deposit is due.  This aid is intended to help with fees.  It is not meant to fully pay club fees for any athlete. 

For the Financial Aid Application Click Here!

Questions? Please contact Andrew Pelletier at




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